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What We Offer


Each session is custom designed to exceed your desires.  

Your session will include a consultation where you'll be able to share your expectations. You may choose to book this a head of time, or we'll do one just prior to your session.  A majority of our sessions are taken right at our two-acre country indoor and outdoor studio or in urban Northfield.

We are unique among most photographers as we have a full onsite indoor and outdoor studio.  This allows us to expand your variety of photo options as well as provide you with a large quantity of proofs to choose from as we aren't wasting time driving from spot to spot.


The options are limitless.

You'll be able to view your session proofs online within 24 hours of your shoot.  You won't have to wait!

Choose digital files and/or prints and fun products like beautiful pearl albums, or have both!

You'll be able to pick your options after your session from the privacy of your own home on an online gallery personalized just for you.


Session deposits are 50% of the minimum order (session price) and are applied to your order.   We offer generous discounts for referrals.

You will treasure your portraits for years to come!

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